Hier komt het levensverhaal van William H Henderson.

Harold as William was called was born on April 25, 1922 in Sandersville, Washington County, Georgia.

The family lived in Waycross, Ware Co. GA during the “growing up years.”
In addition to Harold and Roy (Richard L. Henderson Sr.), there are three sisters and a younger brother.

His brother Roy is a former Lt. in 86th Army Division,The “Blackhawks.”
“Battlefield Commission WWII” serving in Germany the Rhur Pocket and Bavaria
the last few months of the War in 1945.

Harold died, just 21 years old.
He had finished two years of college and had transferred to the University of Georgia
to finish his degree and enter the Law School.

Roy had joined him that summer of 1941 and the two brothers set up a
Doughnut Shop to pay their way through college.
They had six months of being in “football heaven” where the University had the greatest football team ever.
Then, December 7, 1941, their lives changed forever.   All the male student body went home to “join up.”

Harold took the test and was accepted in the Air Corps.
He made a perfect score on the test and was told to take it over. He did and scored 100 again.
None of his family or friends were surprised because the first thing they said about Harold was “he was brilliant.
“He became the navigator and made a number of missions before the last time on returning to the base,
his plane was hit and went down in flames.

The home of the 8th Air Force and where they reorganized in WWII is in Savannah, GA .
The WWII Memorial includes a memorial plaque for Lt.William H. Henderson.
A memorial tombstone for Harold is in the Henderson Family Plot placed between his mother and father.

Special thanks to Rosemary Lee Henderson for this information.